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Bucking Bar Bumper Squeezer

Bucking Bar Bumper Squeezer

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Introducing the "Bucking Bar Bumper Squeezer" – the ultimate solution for precision riveting. This innovative product combines the revolutionary Bucking Bar Bumper and the highly efficient Squeezer Tips into one groundbreaking tool, designed to elevate your riveting projects to unparalleled levels of accuracy and ease.

Key Features:

Dual-Function Excellence: Merging the Bucking Bar Bumper's no-tape convenience with the Squeezer Tips' precision, this tool is a powerhouse in riveting. Achieve flawless results without the hassle of traditional methods.  

Compatibility and Versatility: Designed to fit standard 1x4x5/8 tungsten bucking bars (specifically model ATS 6007)

Precision Riveting: With the Bucking Bar Bumper, set your AD3 and AD4 rivets to the correct depth every time, while the Squeezer Tip ensures the bar is square and can't slip off the shop head.   In addition the tip will pre-compress the skins before the rivet is set.   

Ease of Use: The Bucking Bar Bumper simplifies locating the bar on the shop head, reducing errors, while the Squeezer Tips stay securely on the die, saving time and effort.

Quality and Durability: Both components are crafted from high-quality, durable materials, ensuring longevity and consistent performance. The soft, flexible, non-marring nature of the Bucking Bar Bumper protects your workpiece.

Comprehensive Sets: Each Bucking Bar Bumper set includes two pairs for both straight and angled ends

The Bucking Bar Bumper Squeezer is not just a tool; it's a revolution in the world of riveting. Ideal for professionals in the aviation industry, metalworking, or DIY enthusiasts who demand precision and efficiency. Elevate your riveting to a new standard of excellence and make your projects stand out.

Order now and transform the way you rivet – where precision meets efficiency.

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Customer Reviews

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Great Upgrade

Adds an extra hand to using the tubing/bucking bar technique of closing the gap when setting rivets on flanges.