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Pushrod Jig for RV-10 & RV-14

Pushrod Jig for RV-10 & RV-14

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Comes with 4x 1/2 inch, 4x 1 inch, 4x 1.125 inch and 2x 1.5

Overview: Efficiently create perfect pushrods with our innovative drilling jigs. Unlike the traditional method of using paper templates, our jigs offer a superior, precise approach. Simply follow these steps for optimal results:

  1. Preparation: Attach the jig to a full-length tube before cutting.
  2. Alignment: Ensure the tube is square. If needed, use sanding blocks against the jig for adjustments.
  3. Initial Drilling: With the pushrod end inserted, drill holes using a #30 size bit, guided by the jig. Add clecos progressively.
  4. Marking for Reassembly: After removing the jig, mark both the pushrod end and the tube to aid in later reassembly.
  5. Secondary Drilling Setup: Place a second jig at the appropriate distance on the tube. Drill two #40 size holes and secure with clecos.
  6. Cutting: Use a bandsaw to cut the tube, leaving an extra 1/32 inch beyond the jig.
  7. Finishing the Edge: Achieve a flush finish by sanding the tube end to align with the jig.
  8. Final Drilling: Insert the pushrod end and complete drilling all #30 holes, securing each with a cleco.
  9. Final Marking: Remove the jig and mark both the pushrod end and tube for easy reassembly later.

By following these steps with our jigs, you'll achieve precision and efficiency, making your pushrod construction process smoother and more accurate."

Key Features:

Universal Compatibility: Tailored to cover all aileron and elevator pushrod tubes for the RV-10 and RV-14, making it a versatile and essential tool for builders of these models.  Four jigs included to fit the .5, 1, 1.125 and 1.5 inch pushrods.  

Precision Drilling: Guarantees exact spacing and alignment of holes, ensuring high-precision drilling and fitting for your aircraft's pushrods.   Each guide hole is 3/32.  

Hexagonal Stability: The jig's hex shape securely grips the tube, providing a stable base for drilling perfectly perpendicular holes using a drill press.

Dual-Purpose Design: Beyond drilling, the jig serves as an exact sanding guide.  A sanding block used against the jig ensures precise 90-degree angle at the tube's end.

User-Friendly: Simple and straightforward to use, integrating effortlessly into your building routine, suitable for both novice and seasoned builders.


Time-Saving: Streamlines your building process, eliminating repetitive measurements and adjustments.

Enhanced Accuracy: Provides professional-grade precision, crucial for the safety and reliability of your RV-10 and RV-14 components.


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Doug McGinnis
Very helpful and good to work with

Provided print files for free, excellent service, nice to see an establishment not trying to make a nickel off of anything and everything. The jigs make it so much easier than the plans.